Custom World Maps

We can create custom World maps for your project with current World borders. All maps are delivered in either layered Adobe Illustrator or Adobe PDF formats. Both formats can be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator. This means you can turn on and off text layers, feature layers, and the map’s border, scale and arrow for custom print outs. Also, all features can be edited on the maps. These maps are not locked like many that are sold on the web. You can easily select and change map polygon colors, line widths, text fonts sizes and feature scales. You can also add your own layer(s) to the World maps to show things like World sales areas, routes, World environmental regions, and locations.

We can create vector World maps with your choice of layers. Up-to-date SVG World maps can also be ordered by themselves or with a SVG web page viewer.

Compare our maps to other sites that just sell their outdated and overpriced stock World maps. A good question to ask is if the map has new country borders on them. If you bought one that does not have it, I would try and return it ASAP. Many World maps have been sitting on these web sites for months and years and have not been updated. Ours are current. Contact us and compare our prices and quality to other commercial map sites.

Specs for World vector maps:

dpi 300-600 (varies by the map size)
Any size up to 72 inches wide
Shade relief layers are available
Projection - Any World Projection you want. Can also center map on a given latitude.

Sample World Map showing unique color fills for each country

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Please contact us for a custom World map quote at:
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