Custom Digital Maps - Illustrator Layered Maps

Chubb Custom Cartography(custom maps) specializes in creating affordable custom vector maps in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF and other graphic formats.

Chubb Custom Cartography has over twenty years of experience in custom map publication, gis data conversion, and mapping work. Working both on very large and small map projects in all sectors of business and government gives us the experience to get the maps done correctly.

Each vector map is designed and made especial for your custom mapping needs. We specialize in many different types ( Real Estate, Marketing, Advertising ) and also for customers in sales, print, publishing, business, tourism, advertising, and non-profit sectors. Our custom maps are large and easy to edit and not the astronomically priced tiny 10 inch and smaller maps like the other sites sell. And we run our maps and shaded relief with the higher 600 dpi publishing standard that pre-press and publishers want, not the 300 dpi dot matrix standard. Compare our custom map prices and quality against any other retail custom map site before you spend anything.

Ngorongoro Custom Map

Custom Map production

We use the finest software (ESRI) and our own in house conversion tools to get the best 600dpi map output results. Many other mapping companies use GIS plugin programs that smooth and simplify(degrade) the street arcs using Bézier curves and the standard 300 dpi output.

And we go directly to city, county, state, and other GIS(mapping) sources to get you the most current GIS data available for your map project. We also use the popular Google Earth kml data files and can easily import your important kml created points and label text right into your map!

Map Prices

Our vector custom map prices are WAY more affordable than most online sites that charge 400-600 dollars or more for a very tiny standard map before they even start tallying up the custom edits, work, and layers you want. This is why we are still in business while others have gone out the custom map business.

Currently many U.S. map companies outsource to India, which takes a lot longer and provides less individual service. Our custom maps and map work are done in the USA and we send map proofs as the project progresses. We also are fast with orders if you know what you need. If not, we will work with you and figure out what map(s) you need for the website, your printed project, or map presentation.

Types of Custom Maps

Chubb Custom Cartography can do your map to the geographic size needed including: World, Continent, Regional, State, and County and specialized City Maps. We do custom locator, Illustrated, radius, outdoor and recreational maps.

Your vector and graphic map data can be projected in any World or local map projection you want to display.

Also, if you have current published maps, we can match or come pretty darn close to any existing map file that you had made from any other map company. Give us a sample file to match and we will give you a quote you can compare to the other map companies.

Choose the region, map data, symbols, and other specs you need.  We can add in custom map legends, charts, graphs and other relevant information to the map to get your message across to the viewers.

Dubai Custom Map

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