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Yosemite Village is a cute little valley community located insde Yosemite National Park in Mariposa County, California. The Village is located about twenty-seven miles northeast of Mariposa, at an elevation of 4000 feet.

Yosemite Village area is the major center in the valley for visiting museums, art galleries, restaurants, and shopping. The village also is the most populated place with many residences for the locals working in Yosemite Valley. Situated along the far north side of the valley floor, its permanent population includes NPS staff and some park concession workers. The Village is the site of some important facilities, such as the visitor center, Wilderness Center, valley fire station, and the local historic post office, a medical clinic, a park tourist general store, local restaurants, many gift shops, and the park's headquarters and main large visitor center. The Yosemite Lodge was built on the west end of the village near iconic Yosemite Falls. The famous Ahwahnee Hotel is about 3/4s of a mile to the east and is in easy walking distance from the village. The walk has great views of meadows, Half Dome, and the many buildings stone architecture. Like the always busy Camp Curry, Yosemite Village is characterized by the old building shed style architecture making interesting use of local native valley stones and woods.

The Ansel Adams Art Gallery that is located in the village, is one place not to be missed when visiting Yosemite. This is the best place to go to get photographic inspiration before you go out with your camera(s) and take your black and white photos.
The Ansel Adams Art Gallery is one of the few places to see his work in the size he wanted the photos shown. You can see the great detail photography work he did with his huge large format cameras. The hard work it took to haul heavy cameras, glass photo plates, and tripods into the back country really did pay off. You can also buy prints of his work in many formats and many books dealing with landscape and nature photography. If visitors do a little reading and research on Ansel Adams before visiting the gallery, it will make your visit that much more exciting.
The galley also does nature walks and classes. If you have time, and love photography, it is well worth it to do both. You will learn basic photography terms and camera settings like focal length, aperture, over-exposure, under-exposure, dodging, burning, framing, and lighting.
On the walks you will also learn some about the geology, plant, and animal life in the valley, and the best times of day and year to shoot photos. For example, if you wanted to photograph Horsetail Falls when it looks like the fire falls, than you would want to visit the falls in late February at sunset in just the right location. The employees in the gallery can answer these and other photography questions you may have on Yosemite.

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Yosemite Village DNC Apartments, Yosemite Village DNC Residences, DNC Tecoya Dorm, DNC Valley Fire House, Housekeeping Camp, Lost Arrow Cabins, Le Conte Memorial, Indian Village Museum & Library, Yosemite Medical Clinic, NPS Employee Residences, Yosemite NPS Stables, Yosemite Post Office, RMS Wildlife Office, Yosemite Sweat-house, Yosemite Valley Search and Rescue Commissary,  Yosemite Valley shuttle bus stop, Yosemite Institute Office, Yosemite Valley Fire Station, Yosemite Valley School, Yosemite Village Store Complex, Yosemite Valley Visitors Center & Theater, and Yosemite Wilderness Center.

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