Joshua Tree National Park Climbing and Camping

Please contact the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Centers to find out more details on accessibility to the camping and climbing locations.

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most populars in the world. More than 4,500 established climbing routes. This map shows some of the many named and popular rock climbing locations in Joshua Tree.

The Joshua Tree National Park is enjoyed by many Southern California and foreign rock climbers and bouldering enthusiasts and was originally a wintering practice area for local climbers while the Sierra Nevada was covered in winter snow. But Joshua Tree later became a full time year round area of interest in its own right. There are hundreds of named climbing routes(see map above for locations), at all levels of climbing difficulty. The Joshua Tree climbing routes are mostly very short, the rocks being rarely more than 240 ft high. Climbing route access is usually a short, easy walk through the park from the main roads or even right in campgrounds! Due to how close climb routes are to each other, it is possible to do a number of different level climbs in just one day. The rocks are all composed of grainy quartz monzonite, a very rough type of granite made even more so as there is no glacier weathering ice to polish them like the Sierras. The rocks eroded away in the park from the very hot sun and frozen night water, which works fractures and slowly does exfoliation to them.

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Note: This Joshua Tree National Park Map is made with National Park point data. In some areas some points may be wrong, or missing. Viewers should consider the map as reference only.

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