Florida Everglades Map

This Everglades National Park map is a handy way to quickly find locations in the park. The pull down lookup menu has Everglades features such as Everglades National Park Canoe waterways, campgrounds, reefs, keys, mangroves, visitor centers, and other points that can be zoomed to. Popular Everglades National Park back country campgrounds, and trail locations can be easily found. All Everglades National Park campsite and trail locations are indexed so you can easily find the sites that you want to locate with the menu.

Please contact the Everglades National Park visitor center to find out more details on accessibility to the camping and water access locations. Also, the visitor centers in the park have current park information on weather, closed areas, trails, and active wildlife.

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This Everglades National Park map is made with USGS point data and 1-6 year old digital National Park data. In some areas some features may be named wrong, or missing due to the age of the USGS data. Viewers should consider the map as reference only.

Source: NPS, USGS
Map Copyright CCCARTO