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This map shows the following Eastern Sierras Rock Creek Basin(Little Lakes Valley) trails: Dorothy Lake Trail, Frances Lake Trail, Kenneth Lake Trail, Chickenfoot Lake Trail, Long Lake Trail, Ruby Lake Trail, Mono Pass Trail, Box Lake Trail, Heart Lake Trail, Marsh Lake Trail, Mack Lake Trail, Eastern Brook Lakes Trail, Summit Lake Trail, Hilton Lakes Trail and Davis Lake Trail. Little Lakes Valley Trails are very popular trails during the summer and fall months. Weekends are usually packed and you need to arrive before 9:00 AM at the mosquito flats parking lot to get a parking space. The trails are excellent for families to spread out on. You can hike to Mack Lake, Marsh Lake, Heart Lake, Box Lake, Long Lake and Chickenfoot Lake. Most trails have gentle climbs between lakes and lots of places to picnic and fish. Take waterbottles, sun block, and a windbreaker for rain. Afternoons can get windy and have some passing mountain rain showers in the hot summer months.

Visits the Rock Creek basin(Little Lakes Valley) in autumn, it is colorful and way less crowded than the summer months. The road up to Rock Creek Lake changes colors as you change elevation. The Rock Creek Aspens can be displacing various leaf colors of orange, yellows, purples, and reds depending on how early or late the season is. Be careful of photographers in the roadways with tripods setups. If this area color is not going off in fall color, than also check the areas around North and South Lakes. The Bishop Creek area has even more aspen trees than the Rock Creek area. Also, the June Lake Loop is another great place to look at fall color.

Tom's Place at the intersection of 395 Hwy and Rock Creek Road is a great meeting place or a good place for an early breakfest or dinner after a long day hike. They have lodging, a restaurant and a small general store. This is a great place for getting ice or having a filling and relaxing sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Trail data source USFS. CCCarto takes no responsibility for accuracy of USFS trail data. Use as reference only.