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Tulare County Asbestos Occurrence Map

In the serpentine region just east of Porterville(see map) are some small deposits of asbestos, none of which are good for large commercial use. One early known deposit is on the McCann Ranch 15 miles south-southeast of Porterville. On the James Ranch(Frazier Valley Area) just northeast of Porterville, there was found an area of fair asbestos grade quality output. Asbestos, of not of the best quality, was obtained in Frazier Valley at 36.1806 by -118.8306 on the Tule River 25 miles southeast of Tulare City.

None of the Porterville small deposits of asbestos had must value back when they were discovered. These include the deposits on the McCann Ranch, one mile south of the town of White River, and another on the James ranch, north of Porterville, which have not been heavily prospected.

Some early Asbestos of unproven quality had been obtained in Frazier Valley 25 miles southeast of Tulare City. The very early demand for asbestos was constantly growing and it was understood that the best mined asbestos did fetch a very good price ranging up to 100 to 200 dollars per ton. These fire proof asbestos grades were utilized in the manufacture of theatre curtains, heavy tapestries and clothes; etc. The lower quality of this asbestos which was not suitable for weaving, and which of course commands lower prices, is used in the manufacture of ship and industry steam packing furnace linings, insulating wall plasters, industrial grade paints, heat resistant tiling, and all sorts of insulating materials;etc. An important development in the early days of the asbestos industry was the rapidly increasing demand for the lower grade material, on account of the numerous and diversified uses to which such profits are being put in almost every branch of industrial manufacture. Today, all this asbestos has been removed or is marked for demolition. Fortunately, most of these early 1920-30s asbestos laden ships, industrial buildings, furnaces, and home insulation have long been long removed due to the age of the machinery, pipes, and structures. This Tulare County Asbestos occurrence map is made from USGS compiled data. Click on the mine symbols for more asbestos information for that Tulare County location. Map gives references for the Tulare County Asbestos occurrences and mine sites. Also, gives name of historic site, associated rocks found with asbestos, host rock, Asbestiform of asbestos found and the location.

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This Tulare County Asbestos Occurrence Map is made with USGS datasets converted to map data.

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