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Fresno County Asbestos Occurrence Map

This above map shows the last asbestos mining areas in the United States which were in southwest Fresno County, California. The last asbesto mine in the U.S. was closed in 2002 at the Coalinga Area Asbesto District which emcompasses many surface mines in the area. Some of this area has been labeled a superfund site, due to the fact that these are surface mines and wind can cuase airbourne hazards. You can clearly see this area from space which looks like giant ski areas due to the white serpentinite open ground and rock tailings that contain the asbestos.

The clean-up was officially declared complete by the EPA in 1998 yet nobody is still allowed on the property due to polluted surface ground. And all area hill runoff has been deverted from all local streams which impacts wildlife. The area around the site is offically declared safe, yet one has to wonder what would happen if this area was hit with massive rain and asbesto runoff did occur?

A full detailed report on the Coalinga Area Asbesto District EPA clean-up can be found at this EPA site - https://www.epa.gov/region9/cleanup/california.html

This Fresno County Asbestos occurrence map is made from USGS compiled data. Click on the mine symbols for more asbestos information for that Fresno County location. Map gives references for the Fresno County Asbestos occurrences and mine sites. Also, gives name of historic site, associated rocks found with asbestos, host rock, Asbestiform of asbestos found and the location.

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This Fresno County Asbestos Occurrence Map is made with USGS datasets converted to map data.

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