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If you decide to also print out your own wedding invitation map, invitations, and seating place cards on your on selected paper. You will need some good looking wedding calligraphy fonts and wedding clip art for the symbols on the wedding maps and cards.

It is a good idea to use vector EPS wedding clip art vs. bit map wedding graphics, since vector wedding art work can be scaled and will print much sharper than bit map art and which shows grainy pixels above their creation size.

Once you have created the wedding map and cards in a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator, output the wedding map file to vector friendly PDF format and have it printed on your high quality paper. PDF is the best output format to use, since it embeds the fonts and wedding art in the file which can be emailed for proofing or to a printer. Also, PDF files can be easily scaled and printed in any page layout program.

There are a ton of free wedding fonts and wedding symbols on the web for printing a professional quality wedding map. Here are a few wedding font links below. Make sure you include the font file with the wedding invitation and map if you send it to a printer if you don't embedded the fonts in your PDF. Many times the printer does not have the selected wedding font and it prints a different font.

For some great ideas for wedding maps and wedding invitations do a image search on Google or Bing for wedding maps and wedding invitations and Tumblr. You will see thousands of ideas and color combos that people have used. Everything from cartoon styled wedding maps to wedding maps that look like pirate treasure maps! You can also search using the image tab for fonts and specific wedding clip art, however most of the results are not free downloads.

Also, wedding clipart has now become 3D with the new 3D printers and printer STL files. If you no somebody that has a 3D printer, you may want to see if he can print you a few interesting things for your wedding.

These can include custom wedding cake toppers of
bride and groom or other designs. Other things you may want to print could be edible wedding decorations, flowers, rings, masks, lace designs, custom molds for chocolates, and anything else you can think of.

Wedding Map Symbols & Icons - for use in your online Google Wedding Map

Free Fonts - Print out a sentence or two with the selected wedding font. Many times the font may look much more busy and overwhelming than the sample shows.

Silhouettes - Tons of free wedding outline art that looks great on wedding maps and wedding invitations. The art is vector format and prints well at super high resolutions at printers. They have some really nice wedding borders, trees, animals, plants, icons, signs, florals, flowers, church images and people outlines. There can be found wedding art here for any wedding.

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