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Florida Artificial Reef Locations

Florida has one of the most active artificial reef programs run by FWC's Division of Marine Fisheries Management has one of the largest artificial reef building programs. The Florida artificial reef program is the only state program besides Maryland that is not exclusively run at a state agency level where the state holds all the reef area permits. Because of the extent of coastline and statewide involvement in reef activities, the FWC program continues as a cooperative partnership started 25 years ago with local coastal county governments.

Under the FWC program, artificial reefs have been constructed with one or more of the following intended goals: 1) enhance local private recreational and charter fishing opportunities and diving opportunities; 2) provide a socio-economic benefit to local coastal Florida communities; 3) increase Florida reef fish habitat; 4) reduce user conflicts in areas; 5) facilitate new reef related research; and, 6) while accomplishing objectives 1-5, do no harm to current fishery resources, Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) or human health.

Florida Artificial Reefs Location Map. Florida man-made Fishing Reefs. Florida Man Made Reefs for diving, sport fishing and coastal erosion control.
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Data source: State of Florida