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Major Florida Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy NOAA Air photos of coastal damage

National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Loop - COOL weather map

National Hurricane Center - current interactive information map

Louisiana and Mississippi Hurricane Radar Map- radar loop

NOAA Miami - Marine Weather

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GOES - Hurricane Images

Hurricane Yearly Names

Types of Offshore Platforms - Oil platform and rig designs for different water depths.

Historic Gulf Hurricane Paths

Lake Charles District Tracts and Offshore Oil Rigs
Lake Jackson District Tracts and Offshore Oil Rigs
New Orleans District Tracts and Offshore Oil Rigs
Corpus Christi District Tracts and Offshore Oil Rigs
Houma District Tracts and Offshore Oil Rigs
Santa Barbara Channel Tracts and Offshore Oil Rigs

This Florida Hurricane track map shows major hurricane storms that have hit the Florida Coast of the United States. Find the tracks of Florida's most powerful hurricanes including - "Okeechobee" 1928 "Labor Day" 1935, Katrina, Hurricane King, Hurricane Betsy, Hurricane Eloise, Hurricane Elena, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Opal, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Jeanne, Hurricane Dennis, and Hurricane Wilma. This Hurricane map shows major historic storm tracks along the Florida coast. These are the deadliest and most powerful hurricanes that caused major loss of life, flooding, real estate damage, and major insurance claims. The map shows the storm tracks that are from the deadliest and most powerful.

Calculating Hurricane strength -
The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale system is a 1 to 5 rating system on a hurricane's current intensity. This is used to give an
estimate of the possible property damage and area flooding that may occur along the coast from where the hurricane landfall is. Wind speed is the determining
level factor in the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale.

Tropical Storm
Winds 39-73 mph

Category One Hurricanes:
Winds 74-95 mph = 64-82 knots or 119-153 km/hr

Category Two Hurricanes:
Winds 96-110 mph = 83-95 knots or 154-177 km/hr

Category Three Hurricanes:
Winds 111-130 mph = 96-113 knots or 178-209 km/hr

Category Four Hurricanes:
Winds 131-155 mph = 114-135 knots or 210-249 km/hr

Category Five Hurricanes:
Winds greater than 155 mph = 135 knots or 249 km/hr

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