Huntington Beach Dog BeachThe dog friendly beach

Huntington Beach Dog Beach Map.   Beach Location is between Seapoint beach access ramp  and 21st Street.  Click map points for more detailed information.

Dog Beach Facts:

Length Feet:  6860 ft
Length Miles: 1.29 miles
Average width of beach is 225 ft

The three metered parking lots and metered street parking.  There are a total of 234 parking spaces in the three bluff lots.  There are 54 spaces in the northern two lots and 180 in the southern lot.  Dog bag dispensers are located in the parking lots, access walks, and beach kiosks.
Nice Free Parking Area:  Many regulars that go to dog beach park their cars on Seapoint Avenue just before Harriett Weider Park.  There is free street parking here for about twenty cars.  Great if you are going to be at the beach awhile or don't have quarters.  Just do a U-turn at the end of Seapoint if you are turning in from the beach.  Dog people like it since there is a open space field with dog bags that is next to the parking.  Surfers like these spaces since it is free and there are trash cans next to the parking area.  People can let their dogs do their business in the field before hitting the beach.   It is a easy walk down to the beach and there is a nice cross walk and beach ramp at PCH.  This free parking area fills up fast in summer.  Best if you have a small car since lots of the open spaces between cars can accommodate a small car.

Dog Friendly Dining:  Try the Park Bench on Goldenwest.  Minutes from dog beach.  Great place to hit after a morning run with your dog on the beach.  However, can be packed on weekends/holidays, but you can walk the dog or read the paper while waiting.  They only serve breakfast and lunch and are closed Monday, Tuesday or if raining.   You can also try Sally May's Cafe across the street.  They don't have a lawn but have great views of the lake.   Lots of bird watch in the lake (geese, ducks, herons) at this location.

Huntington Beach Dog Beach Map

Simple Map of Huntington Beach Dog Beach

Huntington Beach Dog Beach Seapoint Access

Seapoint  access to Dog Beach.   The most northern access location to Dog Beach. The access ramp to beach is located at Seapoint Ave crosswalk.   This is the primary access for people with dogs in SeaCliff  housing tracts.   This very northern section of Dog Beach is always the least busy.

Dog Beach Access

This section is always the busiest on weekends, due to the fact that all the dog beach people coming down from the north hit this parking lot off PCH first.    Also, the beach is wider and nicer and has less sunbathers and more dog people to associate with.   On the weekends there is a booth selling “Save Dog Beach” items and they also have information about Dog Beach.

Central Dog Beach Access

The HB Dog Beach Lifeguard Station 22 Area is less crowded due to the smaller width of the beach at high tides.  It’s the central access point for Dog Beach.  Ample parking can be found in the Lower North Bluff Parking Area(16 cars) and the South Bluff Parking Area (180 cars).   A Dog Beach Representative is on duty weekends and holidays by the entrance to the beach access walkway.

Dog Beach Southern Access

The Golden West Street access is very popular with sun bathers and beach goers on the weekends and summer.   During weekdays, except for the summer, you can find plenty of open metered street parking south of Golden West Street.  Free parking can also be found a few blocks in from the beach.  People parking south of Golden West often use the 17th Street and 20th Street access stairs and walk down the maintenance access road.

Dog Beach 1920s

Huntington Beach History and Oil

How Dog Beach looked in the 1920s.  This is how Huntington Beach got rich.

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