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Most of Santa Catalina Island businesses are within walking distance of the Green Pleasure Pier and the Catalina Express landing dock. The few businesses out on Pebbly Beach Road are a much longer walk and most would want to take a cab or ride to get to them.
The City of Avalon is in a low sloping canyon that gets progressively steeper the farther back you walk. It is a good idea to walk in comfortable shoes especially if you want to walk past Tremont Street. Walking up to the Catalina Island Golf Club, Wrigley Memorial, Botanical Gardens, Inn on Mount Ada, and the Casino are long walks. Take water and a good shade hat in the summer, since it does get very warm away from the beachfront and harbor.

Fresh water is a very precious commodity in Southern California, and even more so on Catalina Island. Please don’t waste water when visiting the island, we don’t have the same water sources that the mainland does. We conserve the fresh water every way we can. Some restrooms even use a salt water flushing systems to save water. Please conserve.

No you are not shrinking! Avalon buildings and roads in the main downtown area are scaled a little smaller than the mainland buildings to conserve space. The small building are part of our historic charm. We also use small golf carts and electric vehicles to get around, since gas is expensive on the island and smaller electric vehilces are easier to park.

Keep your eyes open when you are walking around Avalon. We are known for some of the finest hand made and painted tile in the world. Bring your cameras since some tile mossaics you will want to take pictures of. Here are just a few pictures of the famous tile found throughout Avalon.
Tile Pics

Did you know the summer weather is super nice and commfotable in Avalon. If you are cooking in the Valleys and cities, than book a hotel room or B&B and get out of the heat. Avalon is usally in the cool 70s while it could be triple digits in the Valleys and Upper Deserts. The nice thing about Avalon is everything is whithin walking distance of your lodging. You can walk along the cool Casino Way, while people on the mainland are suffering in heat. There are great resturants all within walking distance and lots of rentals for kayaks and sup boards around the harbor.

Catalina Island Business Directory

A Touch of Heaven Day Spa, 205 Crescent Avenue 310-510-1633
Abes Liquor Store, 122 Sumner Ave (310) 510-0656
Annie's Fine Gifts, 205 Crescent Avenue 310-510-3573
Antonio s Pizzeria & Deli, 114 Sumner Avenue (310) 510-0060
Art Caps and Designs, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-2620
Avalon Appliance Repair, 350 Metropole Ave (310) 510-2145
Avalon City Restrooms, 99 Casino Way (310) 510-0228
Avalon Community Church, 236 Metropole Ave (310) 510-1889
Avalon Episcopal Church, 236 Metropole Ave (310) 510-0202
Avalon Mooring & Diving Service, 49 Pebbly Beach Rd 310 510-0779
Avalon Mooring and Diving Service, 49 Pebbly Beach Road (310) 510-0779
Avalon Public Schools, 200 Falls Canyon Road (310) 510-0790
Bay of the Seven Moons, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-1450
Bird Park Apartments, 234 Bird Park Rd (310) 510-2471
Blues Brass Creations, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-1189
Browns Bikes, 107 Pebbly Beach Rd (310) 510-0986
Calise Benedetto A DDS, 204 Metropole St (310) 510-0322
Canyon Grill, 888 Country Club Drive (310) 510-2913
Cartopia Golf Cart Rental, 615 Crescent Avenue (310) 510-2493
Casino Dock Café, 2 Casino Way (310) 510-2755
Casino Gym, 1 Casino Way (310) 510-3030
Catalina Adventure Tours, 797 Cabrillo Mole (310) 510-2888
Catalina Island Airport Bus Service, Buffalo Springs (310) 510-0143
Catalina Auto Garage, 100 Dump Road (310) 510-0450
Catalina Beach House, 200 Marilla Ave. (310) 510-1078
Catalina Beverage Co Inc, 18 Pebbly Beach Rd (310) 510-0620
Catalina Boat Yard, 35 Pebbly Beach Rd (310) 510-9588
Catalina Cable TV and Internet, 222 Metropole Ave. (310) 510-0255
Catalina Candy Company, 417 Crescent Ave. (310) 510-0724
Catalina Clothing Company, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-2010
Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co., 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-2447
Catalina Flying Boats Air Cargo, 231 Catalina Ave. (310) 510-1441
Catalina Get Away Rental, 119 Claressa Ave (310) 510-2721
Catalina Gold Company, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-0457
Catalina Island Conservancy, 125 Claressa Ave. (310) 510-2595
Catalina Island Gallery, 203 Crescent Avenue 310-510-2050
Catalina Island Museum, 1 Casino Way (310) 510-2414
Catalina Island Weddings, 201 Claressa Ave. (310) 510-2367
Catalina Island Yacht Club, 30 Casino Way (310) 510-0022
Catalina Kayak Rentals, 120 Pebbly Beach Rd (310) 510-2229
Catalina Kids, 201 Crescent Ave. 310-510-1559
Catalina Laundry, 45 Pebbly Beach Road (310) 510-0469
Catalina Island Realtors, 119 Sumner Ave (310) 510-1811
Catalina Scuba Camp for Kids, 101 Pebbly Beach Road (310) 510-8558
Catalina Scuba Luv, 126 Catalina Avenue (310) 510-2350
Catalina Shirt & Shade, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-1120
Catalina Souvenir Shop, 413 Crescent Ave. (310) 510-0061
Catalina Wild Thing, 107 Pebbly Beach Rd (310) 510-0087
Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce, 1 Pleasure Pier (310) 510-1520
Comm Serv and Rec Dept, 400 Avalon Cyn Rd (310) 510-1987
City Fire Department, 209 Metropole Avenue (310) 510-0203
Descanso Beach Ocean Sports, 209 Beacon St (310) 510-1226
Dessert Island, 417 Crescent Ave (310) 510-0345
DiMiele Island, 118 Metropole Avenue 310-510-2627
Discovery Tours-Flying Fish Boat Trip, 125 Metropole Ave 800-626-1496
Hen House Gift Shop, 128 Sumner Ave (310) 510-1912
Hunt & Associates Realtors, 119 Claressa Ave (310) 510-2721
Inn On Mt Ada, 398 Wrigley Terrace Road (310) 510-2030
Island Express Helicopter Service, 56 Pebbly Beach Rd (310) 510-2525
Island Photo, 121 Metropole Ave. 310-510-2614
Island Water Charters, Green Pier, 90704 (310) 510-9280
Island Wave Salon, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-9283
Jeep Eco Tours, 125 Claressa Ave. (310) 510-2595
Jeep Eco Tours, 125 Claressa Avenue (310) 510-2595
Kayak Catalina Island, Catalina Ave (310) 510-1226
KFC & Taco Bell, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-2147
Leo's Catalina Island Drug Store, 401 Crescent Ave. (310) 510-0189
Lloyd's-Avalon Confectionary, 315 Crescent Ave (310) 510-7266
Los Angeles County of Animal Control, 215 Sumner Avenue (310) 510-0203
Los Angeles County Public Library, 215 Sumner Ave. (310) 510-1050
Mardi Gras Arcade, 225 Crescent Ave (310) 510-0967
Market Place Emporium Avalon, CA, 90704 (310) 510-0786
Metropole Market Place, 205 Crescent Ave (310) 510-8434
Monique Intimate Apparel & Rental, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-1012
Off White Gallery, 111 Crescent Ave (310) 510-1183
Peggys Gifts & Souvenirs, 104 Sumner Ave (310) 510-0155
Perico Gallery, 130 Metropole Ave (310) 510-1342
Perico Gallery, 130 Metropole Market 310-510-1342
Radio Shack, 125 Metropole Ave (310) 510-1088
Riviera Room, 601 Crescent Avenue (310) 510-2433
Steamer Trunk, 121 Sumner Ave (310) 510-2600
Stephanie's Card Gifts Souvenir, 128 Sumner Ave (310) 510-2758
Sugarloaf Books & Videos, 403 Crescent Ave (310) 510-0077
The Animal Hospital of Catalina, 208 Metropole Avenue (310) 510-1210
The Dolphin Emporium, 205 Crescent Ave. 310-510-0786
The Stare Case, 105 Metropole Ave. 310-510-1940
Thomas Kinkade Gallery, 203 Crescent Ave (310) 510-2050
Tremont Street Apartments, 343 Tremont St (310) 510-1566
U S Bank, 303 Crescent Avenue (310) 510-2265
Weddings By The Sea, 1 Casino Way (310) 510-0436

Avalon, California Information

The City Avalon, California is a rural waterfront harbor town on Catalina Island with the usual tourist-oriented businesses, hotels, restaurants and services lining the waterfront. Apart from the town itself, primary attractions include cloths and art shops, hotels, water bike, bus, and inland and boat tours, architecture and wildlife photography, dining, Catalina Island kayaking and diving, town and inland mountain biking. Also, outdoor activities with various hiking and biking trails into the dry hills surrounding the town, and the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden just straight back of the town in the hills to the southwest. Visitors of the botanic garden and memorial can view some of the finest California tile that was originally made on the island. Tourist can view both native and non-native wildlife such as the iconic Island Buffalos.

Catalina Buffalos
Famous Catalina Buffalo

Avalon, or Avalon Bay/Harbor, is the only LA county city on Santa Catalina Island. Besides Avalon, the only other center of population on the island is the northern small unincorporated town of Two Harbors( The Isthmus). Avalon's ZIP code is 90704 and it is in Los Angeles County, California. As of the 2000 US census, the city population was 3,127. The population is now estimated to be over 3,500 but climbs sharply in the summer months with tourists and pleasure boaters enjoying the islands warm weather and gin clear waters.
Many famous structures are in Avalon. These include The Pleasure Pier, The Casino, The Tuna Club, The Wrigley Mansion, The Bell Chime Tower, The Zane Grey House, and The Holly Hill House.

Green Pleasure pier
Avalon Pleasure Pier

View of the Catalina Casino
Round Catalina Casino

Flying Fish
Flying Fish

Famous Holly Hill House with landmark cone red roof
Holly Hill House