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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a coffee grown in the middle section of the Blue Mountain Range in Jamaica(see map above).

The moist Blue Mountains almost cover all of the eastern third of the island, and border the eastern parishes of Saint Thomas, Saint Mary, Portland and Saint Andrew south. Some of the Blue Mountains is preserved by the Blue Mountains National Park and the John Crow Mountains National Park. Both new park areas are maintained and protected by the Government of Jamaica.
The Blue Mountains vertical rise and sloops are some of the steepest angled valleys and mountains in the world. This forms uplift cloud cooling effects that the coffee plants just love. By contrast, the lower plains and coastal regions like Kingston are much hotter. The Blue Mountain summits rise and dip for 24 plus miles and are 14 miles at their fattest width. The temperature cools down from around 80°F at the coast to 40°F up at the high Blue Mountain Peak, just 10 miles inland.

The best grown Blue Mountain coffee beans are famous for their mild distinct flavor and very little coffee bitterness or acid. Over the past several decades, this coffee has developed a following that has made it one of the most expensive purchased and coveted coffees in many countries, but mostly in Japan.
Blue Mountain Coffee now has a globally protected certification brand, meaning that only coffee certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board can be labeled and sold as true Blue Mountain Coffee. It comes from only a small marked-off growing region in the Blue Mountains and its full cultivation process is guarded over by the Island Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.
The Blue Mountains prime coffee growing region is located between Kingston down in the south, and Port Maria above to the north. Rising to around 7,400 ft, they are some of the highest and moist mountains in the Northern Caribbean. The climate of the region is moist, cloudy, cool and rainy with a high yearly rainfall,which is perfect for fine coffee bean growth.
The soil also has perfect properties for coffee plants with excellent drainage. This ideal match of climate and soil is considered by coffee experts to be the best conditions for growing real fine gourmet coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee Industry Regulation
Traditionally, only BM coffee grown at heights between 3,000ft and 5,500 ft can be legally classified as Blue Mountain on the Island. Coffee Beans grown at lower elevations between 1,500ft and 3,000ft is branded as Jamaica High Mountain, and coffee picked below the 1,500 foot level is Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain coffee classes. All island land in Jamaica above 5,500ft is a classified as forest preserve or a Jamaican National Park, so no coffee can be planted there.

Major certified Blue Mountain coffee works in Jamaica include:

Blue Mahoe Estates Jamaica Limited
Blue Mountain Coffee Cooperative Limited
Blue Mountain Coffee Venture Limited
BM Coffee Processors Ltd.
Clifton Mount Estate Limited
Coffee Industries Limited
Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Ltd
Coffee Solutions
Greenwich Coffee Company Ltd
Greenwich Mountain Estate Limited
Jamaica Standard Products Ltd
Mavis Bank Central Factory Limited
Michael Black Farms Limited
RSW Estates Limited
Wallenford Coffee Company Limited