U.S. Wind Farms

Shown above are operational U.S. Wind Farms in all states windiest locations. The largest solar power parks shown on the above map include: Topaz Solar Farm, California Valley Solar Ranch, Alamo Solar, AV Solar Ranch One, Solar Star, SEGS, Mojave Solar Project, La Paloma Generating Plant, High Desert Power Project, Mountainview Power Units, Otay Mesa Energy, Sunrise Cogeneration, Sutter Power, Los Medians at Pittsburg, Delta Energy Faclity, Blythe Energy Project, Elk Hills Power Project and Metcalfe Energy.

These U.S. Wind Farms include both independent, public, and private solar energy producers.

The five states with the most wind capacity installed are:

Texas (20,350 MW)
Iowa (6,920 MW)
Oklahoma (6,650 MW)
California (5,665 MW)
Kansas (4,455 MW)

Top 30 Largest U.S. Wind Farms

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, Wingate, Texas, 735.5 MW
Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm, Sterling City, Texas, 662.5 MW
Highland Wind Project (IA), Primghar, Iowa, 490.9 MW
Flat Ridge 2 Wind Energy LLC, Nashville, Kansas, 470.4 MW
Biglow Canyon Wind Farm, Wasco, Oregon, 449.7 MW
Rolling Hills Wind Farm, Massena, Iowa, 443.9 MW
Stephens Ranch Wind Energy LLC, O'Donnell, Texas, 376 MW
Lower Snake River Wind Energy Project, Pomeroy, Washington, 342.7 MW
Maple Ridge Wind Farm, Lowville, New York, 322 MW
Blue Creek Wind Project, Paulding, Ohio, 302 MW
Ida Grove Wind Farm, Ida Grove, Iowa, 301.1 MW
Chisholm View Wind Project, Hunter, Oklahoma, 300 MW
Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Farm, Odell, Illinois, 300 MW
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm, McIntire, Iowa, 300 MW
Santa Rita Wind Energy Farm, Big Lake, Texas, 300 MW
Rock Creek Wind Project, Tarkio, Missouri, 300 MW
South Plains II Wind Farm, Lockney, Texas, 300 MW
Balko Wind Farm, Balko, Oklahoma, 299.7 MW
TX Jumbo Road Wind Farm, Hereford, Texas, 299.7 MW
Red Dirt Wind Project, Hennessy, Oklahoma, 299.3 MW
Canadian Hills Wind Farm, El Rino, Oklahoma, 298.5 MW
Kingfisher Wind Farm, Kingfisher, Oklahoma, 298 MW
El Cabo Wind Farm, Encino, New Mexico, 298 MW
Thunder Ranch Wind Project, Marland, Oklahoma, 297.8 MW
South Hurlburt Wind Farm, Arlington, Oregon, 290 MW
Horseshoe Bend Wind Farm, Arlington, Oregon, 290 MW
Miami Wind Energy Center, Miami, Texas, 288.6 MW
Pomeroy Wind Farm, Fonda, Iowa, 286.4 MW
Pattern Gulf Wind Farm, Armstrong, Texas, 283.2 MW
Western Plains Wind Farm, Spearville, Kansas, 280.6 MW

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