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Vermont Asbestos Occurrence Map

Asbestos was first found on Belvidere Mountain before 1823 (in Lowell, Vermont, previously Kellyvale). In 1899, a prospect claim was marked out at the east foot of the mountain which was then prospected by the Lowell Lumber & Asbestos Company. Another mining company, the New England Asbestos Mining and Milling Company, began prospecting and mining the southwest side of Belvedere Mountain in around 1902.

According to the Vermont Geological Survey(VGS), also known as the Division of Geology and Mineral Resources: "The Ruberoid Mining Company purchased the Belvidere Mountain mine in early 1936. At about this time, the Eden mine was the only producing chrysotile mine in the United States, covering about 1720 acres of asbestos rock rich deposits on the south side of Belvidere Mountain. When the still existing Ruberoid(GAF) took over, the first super modern, large scale mining started in the country. In about 1967, the company merged with large General Aniline and became known as GAF Corporation(the slide viewer company famous for the Henry Fonda commercials). Around the first U.S. environmentally sensitive period of the early 1970s, deadly health issues targeted the area mining and use of asbestos came into full public focus. In the mid 1970s, GAF pulled the plug and announced that the large Eden mine would stop its mining operations. Next, a large area economic study had determined that the predicted one million cost to safely retrofit the plant for dust filtering equipment made any operation of the mine to costly. That same year, worried mine workers pooled two million and took control of the asbestos plant from GAF Corporation. The new company group of owners was named the Vermont Asbestos Group (VAG).

Vermont, back than, ranked second in the manufacturing of asbestos to the state of California, the only other state that than produced asbestos. The Eden mine finally shut down in 1993. Asbestos mining no longer occurs anywhere in Vermont due to how deadly the material now is and the national ban on asbestos in building and manufacturing.

US Eastern States Asbestos Mines

This Vermont Asbestos occurrence map is made from USGS compiled data. Click on the mine symbols for more asbestos information for that Vermont location. Map gives references for the Vermont Asbestos occurrences and mine sites. Also, gives name of historic site, associated rocks found with asbestos, host rock, Asbestiform of asbestos found and the location.

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This Vermont Asbestos Occurrence Map is made with USGS datasets converted to map data.

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