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Pennsylvania Asbestos Occurrence Map

According to USGS there are only four past asbestos producers in Pennsylvania, the rest are just asbestos occurrences. Know past producing mines are Gladwyne quarries that produced amphibole asbestos. The Village Green (Hannum) asbestos pits that produced amphibole asbestos. The Rockdale (Jacob Side's) pits that produced amphibole asbestos. And the Smedley's asbestos mine that also mined amphibole asbestos.

Asbestos Occurrences in other mines and regional locations in Pennsylvania.

US Eastern States Asbestos Mines

Blue Hill occurrence, Moro Phillips' chromite mine, Castle Rock occurrence, Edward's (Gorman's) quarry, John Stacker's quarry, Rose's quarry, Prince's soapstone quarry, General McCall's quarry, Taylor's quarry, White Barrens serpentine quarry,

Burkholder (Stillwell's) serpentine quarry, White Rock serpentine quarry.

Moro Phillips' chrome mine, Dunlap (Rhodewalt) serpentine quarry, Kirk mine, Keystone quarry, Carter (Texas) mine, Wood's chromite mine, Cedar Hill (Geiger) serpentine quarry, Red Pit mine, Line Pit (Lowe's) chromium mine, Boyce (Spence) mine, Gray's quarry. C.K. Williams quarry

This Pennsylvania Asbestos occurrence map is made from USGS compiled data. Click on the mine symbols for more asbestos information for that Pennsylvania location. Map gives references for the Pennsylvania Asbestos occurrences and mine sites. Also, gives name of historic site, associated rocks found with asbestos, host rock, Asbestiform of asbestos found and the location.

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This Pennsylvania Asbestos Occurrence Map is made with USGS datasets converted to map data.

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