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Antarctica Glacier Map

With this Antarctica glacier map you can click on these Antarctic glacier features for names. This map includes features such as: Antarctica Glaciers, Antarctic Glacier Ice Tongues, and Shelf Ice.
This map contains all glaciers including:
Aagaard, Academy, Aeronaut, Airy, Albanus, Algie, Amundsen, Aphrodite, Arthur, Aviator, Baldwin, Barnett, Bartlett, Beardmore, Bindschadler, Darwin, Ebbe, Fisher, Icebreaker, Kamb Ice Stream, Ketchum, Lambert, Leverett, Lillie, MacAyeal Ice Stream, Mariner, Marsh, Meander, Minnesota, Mulock, Nimrod, Priestley, Pryor, Recovery, Reedy, Rennick, Schytt, Shackleton, Slessor, Smith, Totten Glacier, Ueda, and Zykov glacier.
Antarctica Region Facts:

Antarctica total area: 14 million sq km(5,400,000 sq mi)
Antarctica ice free area: 280,000 km (100,000 sq mi)
Antarctica ice covered area: 13,720,000 km (5,300,000 sq mi)
Antarctica coastline: 17,968 km
Antarctica lowest point: Bentley Subglacial Trench -2,540 m
Antarctica highest spot: Vinson Massif 4,897 m

Antarctica Iceburg

Antarctica Shore

Antarctica Light

This Antarctica Map uses USGS point data for features. Some locations may be incorrect. Use this Antarctica Map as reference only.

Map copyright CCCarto.
Data Source:USGS - Use map as reference only. CCCarto not responsible for data errors.