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This Gettysburg National Military Park Map is a handy way to quickly find
memorial locations in the military park area. The pull down menu has
Gettysburg Park features such as memorial names & marker names locations,
historic Gettysburg buildings, trails, land formations, and
historical points. Popular features and landmarks such as Little Round
Top, Devil's Den, Warfield Ridge, Cyclorama, Gettysburg Visitor Center,
Brian Barn, The Angle, The Peach Orchard, and Memorials can be easily
found. All Gettysburg Memorial Locations and USGS feature locations are
indexed so you can find them with a flashing point.

Please contact the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center to
find out more details on accessibility, new construction, and closures.

(NATIONAL PARK SERVICE) Ranger E. Rubalcava provides information during a
battlefield program.
Established by concerned citizens in 1864, the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial
Association set out to preserve portions of the battlefield as a
memorial park to the Union troops that fought the battle. In 1895, the lands were
transferred to the Federal government and Gettysburg National Military Park
was established. Administered by a commission of Civil War veterans, the
park's primary purpose was to be a memorial to the two armies that fought
this pivtol battle, and to mark and preserve the battle lines of each army.
Administration of the park was transferred to the Department of the
Interior- National Park Service in 1933, which continues in its mission to
presevre and interpret the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address
to park visitors.
Source: NPS

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This Gettysburg National Military Park map is made with USGS point data
and 1-6 year old digital National Park data. In some areas some features
may be named wrong, or located wrong due to the age of the data. Viewers
should consider the map as general reference only.

Source: NPS,
Map Copyright

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