St. John U.S. Virgin Islands Map

Note: Click on ocean water for bottom diving description.

This St. John Map Virgin Islands has searchable and clickable features. This geography and diving map has most major resort and hotel locations and beaches, tourist locations, points of interest, and historic locations. This St John US Virgin Island Map is also great for hikers, boaters, visiting tourists, divers, beach goers, and vacation planning. Note: You can also click on the ocean bottom near shore to see what type of ocean bottom their is for swimming and diving.

Find these popular tourist locations with this St John USVI map:
United States Virgin Islands National Park Headquarters, Virgin Islands Biosphere Reserve Center, Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station,
Cinnamon Bay Beach, Cinnamon Bay Campground Beach, Cinnamon Bay Campground, Cinnamon Bay Museum, Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail, Cinnamon Bay Trail, Cocoloba Beach, Cololoba Cay, Connections East Shopping Center, Cruz Bay Beach, Cruz Bay Estate, Cruz Bay Post Office, Cruz Bay,American Hill Estate House Museum, American Hill Trail, Annaberg Area Trail, Annaberg Beach, Annaberg Sugar Mill (historical), Beverhoutberg and Esperance Estate, Blue Cobblestone Beach, Bordeaux Mountain Trail, Brown Bay Beach, Brown Bay Trail, Browns Bay Estate, Brownsbay (historical), Cabritte Horn Point, Calabash Boom Estate, Calabash Boom, Caneel Bay Beach, Caneel Bay Estate, Caneel Bay Plantation, Caneel Bay, Caneel Hill Trail, Chocolate Hole and Greater Cruz Bay Estate.

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USVI Diving Locations

Buck Island National Park Diving Location
Hans Lollik Island Diving Location
Cane Bay Diving Location
Jimmy's Surprise Diving Location
Salt River Canyon Diving Location
Salt Rock Diving Location
Carvel Rock Diving Location
Joe's Jam Diving Location
Coki Beach Diving Location
Ledges of Little St. James Diving Location
Congo Cay Diving Location
Navy Barge Diving Location
Cow & Calf Rocks Diving Location
Northstar Diving Location
Davis Bay Diving Location
Old pier at Frederiksted Diving Location
Eagle Shoals Diving Location
Rosaomaia Diving Location
East wall Diving Location
Saba Dry Rocks Diving Location
Flat Cay Diving Location
Salt River Diving Location
French Cap Diving Location
Sprat Hole Diving Location
Trunk Bay Diving Location
Tunnels at Thatch Diving Location
General Rogers Diving Location
Wall at Cane Bay Diving Location
Gentle Winds Diving Location
WIT Shoal Diving Location

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