New Orleans Rebuilding after Katrina

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New Orleans Rebuilding and Flood Related Links:

FEMA MAP Information Web Page - Check and order flood maps for the gulf coast areas.
Should the New Orleans houses that will be re-built, be raised on pilings or columns? Save space. No filling of land is involved.  Maybe Better for insurance coverage since off the ground out of flood range.  Also, the pesky Formosan termites would have a hard time eating steel or cement pilings.
New affordable Lift House design by MIT students.  Other plans for stilt and Piling homes, more plans.

Pole Houses - traditional building style that traces its roots back to indigenous Polynesian
FEMA Safe Room Information - It would not be a bad idea to put in a super thick, water tight, safe room on your property if you live in a hurricane/storm surge area. You could put your valuables in it when you evacuate.  Or buy a above ground tank for a giant water proof safe.  Bolt it to a slab and put a water proof door on it.

Amphibious Houses - Houses that would float during a flood.
Houses made of surplus shipping containers - movie showing construction.  More links on container building uses.
Inexpensive "Katrina Cottage" house.

The inexpensive steel "EcoCottage" is a good material to stop termites.
PreFab House Designs - Compiled list of designs by fabprefab.
Prefab, modular, manufactured and paneled housing links.
Flood Proof Houses - Sustainable prefab dwellings that hold up to earthquakes, hurricanes and high water.
Toxic Clean-up - What will the environmental and financial impact be in New Orleans? Read daily written articles.
Louisiana Coastal Restoration - Every 24 minutes Louisiana loses one acre of land.
Phytoremediation Clean-up in New Orleans? - Phytoremediation is the use of special green plants to remove pollutants from the environment or render them harmless.
Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) - Vacuum pressure removal of volatile soil contaminants .
Flood Clean-up Steps - The steps in cleaning up your home after a flood.
Companies that do Environmental Clean-up - List of over 1,000 oil spill contractors.

Habitat for Humanity Organization - Helping re-build houses with volunteer work and donations.
Flood Information  -  LOTS of useful U.S. Government flood information links.
* NEW * TEXAS GULF REFINERIES - This region is refinery row.
Time Magazine Panorama Map of New Orleans. - Large, easy to read flood map with the major New Orleans landmarks showing.
NOAA Katrina Photos - You could spend hours looking at these aerial photos.
USGS Angled Coastal Aerial Photos - Fly over photos looking sideways down at the coast. Use index photo and click on photo number.
New Orleans Times-Picayune Newspaper - Get the local un-spun news on what is happening with the flood clean-up.
NASA Flood Simulation - New Orleans sea level rising fast!!
New York Times Map of New Orleans flood - Overview map.
New Orleans Levee District Map - Louisiana's Levee Districts and Levee Boards.
Levee/Lock Information - Interesting Information by Army Corp of Engineers on the levees and locks.
k  Globalstar Satellite Phone Communications - The only reliable way to communicate when land lines and cell towers get knocked out. Gulf Coast cities should lease these during hurricane season.
Pumphouse Location Maps - Maps with New Orleans pump house locations.
New Orleans Pump Station Information - Pump Station facts & information.
History and Information on Pump Stations. - Entire book (free .pdf download) on the New Orleans drainage system. Chapter seven tells of current upgrades made.
New Orleans Information - Everything about New Orleans on Wikipedia.

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