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Kauai Trail and Beaches Map

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Kauai Grand Canyon Colors

This Kauai Island map is made with State of Hawaii and USGS data. This map shows Kauai hiking trails, forests, Kauai preserves & reserves, parks, waterfalls, Kauai beaches, towns, roads, rivers, and tourist locations and points-of-interest. Find - Kalalau Trail, Alakai Wilderness Preserve, NA PALI-KONA FOREST RESERVE , HALELEA FOREST RESERVE, Hanakapiai Falls, Limahuli Falls, Puwainui Falls, Hanakapiai Beach, Kee Beach, Haena Beach Park, Kilauea Falls, and Hoopouli Falls. To find Kauai island features use the upper right pulldown search menu.

map copyright 2012 CCCarto.

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