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Gulf Coast Offshore Oil Platforms and Rigs Maps

   Below are free pdf maps of the major locations of the 6659 active and removed  oil platforms and rigs, of which 819 are still fully manned. These maps cover the Gulf Coast oil rigs and offshore pipelines of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.  Many of these platforms and oil rigs were either sunk or set adrift after hurricane Katrina and Rita struck this area of the gulf in August/Sept. 2005. The Gulf of Mexico normally pumps about 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) of US crude, a quarter of domestic output and equivalent to nearly 2 percent of global oil production. As we now know, any disruption to this area can cause oil prices to dramatically increase. 

Larger more detailed maps with seafloor Bathymetry and DEM Shaded Relief data can be custom made for your needs.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill and block location map

Types of Offshore Platforms - Oil platform and rig designs for different water depths. Rigs and platforms used for both natural gas and crude oil extraction.

Interactive Oil Platforms and Rigs Maps.  Click on features and use the search index to find tracts, platforms;etc.

Lake Charles District Interactive Oil Rigs and Tracts Map

Lake Jackson District Interactive Oil Rigs and Tracts Map

New Orleans District Interactive Oil Rigs and Tracts Map

Corpus Christi District Interactive Oil Rigs and Tracts Map

Houma District Interactive Oil Rigs and Tracts Map

Santa Barbara Channel Oil Leases and Rigs Map

Web Map showing Oil Platforms destroyed by Katrina

Gulf Coast Region Maps Showing Tracts and Oil Platforms

New Orleans Region PDF - 1.77Mb

Port Arthur Region PDF - 2.37Mb

Galveston Region PDF - 1.41Mb

New Orleans Inset One PDF - 984Kb

New Orleans Inset Two PDF - 1Mb

New Orleans Inset Three PDF - 711Kb

New Orleans Landsat one PDF - 1.06Mb

New Orleans Landsat Two PDF - 903Kb

New Orleans Landsat Three PDF - 1,13Mb

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