Bel-Air Wildfire - 1961

California's Worst Wildfires...

Name: Bel Air-Brentwood Fire, Los Angeles County.
Time: Morning November 6th 1961
Acres: 6,090 acres
Property: 484 homes, 21 other out structure buildings.
Cause: Believed to be a accidental fire.

The Bel Air fire of 1961 was a landmark fire. It was, and still is, one of the worst home and structure fires for the county of Los Angeles. Many changes where adopted after this brush fire. Shingle roofs caused many houses to catch on fire. Now most homes are built with composite or tile roofs. Many other changes where adopted after this fire. Also, area home owners realized that they needed to be insured for both wild fires and mudslides which followed the hill clearing brush fires in the winter.

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