Shasta County, CA Zip CodesCalifornia Zipcode Database for Redding, Shasta Lake.

Redding zip codes

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The above Shasta County map shows zip code polygons for the county. Data source below is the new Census Tiger Zip Code data. Shasta zip code database below is comma delimited data sorted by county, city, zip code. Find zip codes for these cities and communities in Shasta County, California: Redding, Shasta Lake Zip Codes.

Shasta County Zip Codes and Shasta County zip code listing database.

Zip Code, City, County Name

Shasta County
96001,Shasta County
96002,Shasta County
96003,Shasta County
96007,Shasta County
96008,Shasta County
96011,Shasta County
96013,Shasta County
96016,Shasta County
96017,Shasta County
96019,Shasta County
96022,Shasta County
96024,Shasta County
96025,Shasta County
96028,Shasta County
96033,Shasta County
96040,Shasta County
96047,Shasta County
96051,Shasta County
96052,Shasta County
96056,Shasta County
96059,Shasta County
96062,Shasta County
96065,Shasta County
96069,Shasta County
96071,Shasta County
96073,Shasta County
96075,Shasta County
96076,Shasta County
96084,Shasta County
96087,Shasta County
Zip Code, City, County Name

96088,Shasta County
96091,Shasta County
96096,Shasta County
96007,Anderson,Shasta County
96022,Anderson,Shasta County
96011,Big Bend,Shasta County
96013,Burney,Shasta County
96022,Cottonwood,Shasta County
96028,Fall River Mills,Shasta County
96033,French Gulch,Shasta County
96051,Lakehead-Lakeshore,Shasta County
96028,McArthur,Shasta County
96056,McArthur,Shasta County
96062,Millville,Shasta County
96069,Millville,Shasta County
96073,Millville,Shasta County
96065,Montgomery Creek,Shasta County
96084,Montgomery Creek,Shasta County
96003,Palo Cedro,Shasta County
96073,Palo Cedro,Shasta County
96001,Redding,Shasta County
96002,Redding,Shasta County
96003,Redding,Shasta County
96007,Redding,Shasta County
96019,Redding,Shasta County
96084,Round Mountain,Shasta County
96003,Shasta Lake,Shasta County
96019,Shasta Lake,Shasta County
96088,Shingletown,Shasta County