Placer County, CA Zip CodesCalifornia Zipcode Database for Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville.

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The above Placer County map shows zip code polygons for the county. Data source below is the new Census Tiger Zip Code data. Placer zip code database below is comma delimited data sorted by county, city, zip code. Find zip codes for these cities and communities in Placer County, California: Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville Zip Codes.

Placer County Zip Codes and Placer County zip code listing database.

Zip Code, City, County Name

Placer County
95602,Placer County
95603,Placer County
95604,Placer County
95626,Placer County
95631,Placer County
95635,Placer County
95648,Placer County
95650,Placer County
95658,Placer County
95661,Placer County
95663,Placer County
95668,Placer County
95677,Placer County
95678,Placer County
95681,Placer County
95692,Placer County
95701,Placer County
95703,Placer County
95713,Placer County
95714,Placer County
95715,Placer County
95717,Placer County
95722,Placer County
95724,Placer County
95728,Placer County
95736,Placer County
95746,Placer County
95747,Placer County
95765,Placer County
95949,Placer County
96140,Placer County
96141,Placer County
96142,Placer County
96143,Placer County
96145,Placer County
96146,Placer County
96148,Placer County
96161,Placer County
95602,Auburn,Placer County
95603,Auburn,Placer County
95658,Auburn,Placer County
95713,Colfax,Placer County
Zip Code, City, County Name

96145,Dollar Point,Placer County
95631,Foresthill,Placer County
95650,Granite Bay,Placer County
95661,Granite Bay,Placer County
95746,Granite Bay,Placer County
Kings Beach,Placer County
96143,Kings Beach,Placer County
95648,Lincoln,Placer County
95650,Lincoln,Placer County
95650,Loomis,Placer County
95663,Loomis,Placer County
95677,Loomis,Placer County
95602,Meadow Vista,Placer County
95703,Meadow Vista,Placer County
95722,Meadow Vista,Placer County
95602,North Auburn,Placer County
95603,North Auburn,Placer County
95648,Rocklin,Placer County
95650,Rocklin,Placer County
95663,Rocklin,Placer County
95677,Rocklin,Placer County
95678,Rocklin,Placer County
95765,Rocklin,Placer County
95621,Roseville,Placer County
95661,Roseville,Placer County
95677,Roseville,Placer County
95678,Roseville,Placer County
95746,Roseville,Placer County
95747,Roseville,Placer County
95765,Roseville,Placer County
95843,Roseville,Placer County
96145,Sunnyside-Tahoe City,Placer County
96140,Tahoe Vista,Placer County
96143,Tahoe Vista,Placer County
96148,Tahoe Vista,Placer County